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The Evolutionary Origins of Religion - Ken Baskin

Process Over Event: Big History and the Emerging World View - Ken Baskin

An Administrator’s Guide to Big History - Mojgan Behmand

Big Human History: Synthesizing Evolutionary Ideas From the Social Sciences - Thomas Burr

First pilot experiment of Big History in an Italian school class - Adalberto Codetta Raiteri

Co-evolution in Big History: A Transdisciplinary and Biomimetic Approach to the Sustainable Development Goals - Javier Collado Ruano 

Co-evolução na Grande História: uma introdução transdisciplinar e biomimética aos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável.   Defesa Pública da Tese de doutorado de Javier Collado Ruano na Faculdade de Educação da Universidade Federal da Bahia 

Expanding Worldviews - Ian Crawford

Rap History of the World - Philip Day

Organized Complexity: is Big History a Big Computation? - Jean-Paul Delahaye, Clément Vidal


The Initial patterns of evolution - Leonid E. Grinin

Big History and Political identity - Lowell Gustafson

The Ties that Bind - Lowell Gustafson

Greening the curriculum? - Kate Hawkey

The second replicator - Roger Heppleston 

Shaping History:  How Culture Shapes the Human Story - Jeremy Lent

The Anthropic Principle meets Big History - David J. LePoire

Toward a Scientific Understanding of Human Nature, Knowledge, and Belief - Davidson Loehr

Mathematical Big History & Evo-SETI Theory, Claudio Maccone

Big History: Morality and Social Activism - A Seneca College research project - Gus Lyn-Piluso

Mathematical Big History & Evo-SETI Theory - Claudio Maccone

Triple Existence - William McGaughey

The Open Door Center in Italy for cognitive disabilities Big History project - art therapy teacher, Paula Metallo

Portonovo landslide - Alessandro Montanari

Political Evolution - Maarten Oranje 

Teaching the Deep History of Italy in situ - Frederick S. Paxton

The Evolution of Information - Solis Ken

Big Biology: Strategies for Teaching Evolution in the Southern U.S.  - Ann Berry Somers

Religion in the Perspective of Big History - Brian Spooner

Big History and social work - James Tierney

Big History and Integral Theory - Frank Visser

Human Learning and the Development of Mind in the Anthropocene -  Powerpoint - Jan Visser 

Big History as a Pedagogical Framework in Teaching for Sustainabilityat The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology -  by Aidan Wong, Alexis Lau, and Robert Gibson

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