Please click here for the program for the 2012 Inaugural Conference of the IBHA.  Please click here for a picture of (almost) all the conference participants.

“The Lucky Little Seaweed”: A Big History Parable by Mark McMenamin (edited by Connie Barlow)
Full script downloadable at:
More downloadable parables at:

David Christian: Collective LearningWhy the Anthropocene Matters.

Chronozoom Presentation

Annaliese Dempsey: Understanding Colonialism

Michael and D’Neil Duffy: Cosmic Education & Big History

Todd Duncan: Beyond Big History – The value of a cosmic perspective, a narrative version

Melanie During:  Geology driving evolution.

Bree Faulkenberg: Thresholds of Time

Robert Foxcurran: Northern Borders

Cameron Gibelyou:  Big History and Synthetic Thinking

Ken Gilbert: The Universal Breakthroughs of Big History, text for powerpoint

Sergey Grinchenko: On Periodization of the Humankind History, Big History – problems of teaching

Lowell Gustafson: Big Religion.

Brandon Hendrickson & Lee Rottweiler: Big Spiral History

Bradley Layton: Mechanoevolution: An Examination of the Coevolution of Humans and Technology

Jeremy Lent:  The Tyranny of the Prefontal Cortexblog

Esther Quaedackers: A(nother) Little Big History of Tiananmen

Anne-Marie Poorthuis: In relationship with everything

Duncan Blake Ross: Big History, Pedagogy & Third Culture: A Student’s Perspective

Julia Scherbina: Evolsch: evolution is the logical core of this teaching system + model of school education,

Tracy Sullivan: Big History and the Secondary Classroom: A 21st Century Approach to Interdsiciplinarity?

Jim Tierney: Focusing: Where Do We Go From Here?

Joseph Voros: "Galactic-scale macro-engineering: looking for signs of other intelligent species, as an exercise in hope for our own",

    --- "Complexity + consciousness: a model of Big History based on self-organising complexity, incorporating consciousness",

    --- "An 'expanding text-iverse' approach to Big History learning and teaching materials",

Erika Gronek: And Then There Was You

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