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- Cosmic Evolution: From Big Bang to Humankind, Eric Chaisson, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
- Big History on Facebook
- Powers of Ten, including Kees Boeke's original version  
- History of the Universe
- Uitgeverij de Arend, Big History for children (in Dutch)
  Wikipedia big history page
- WorldWide Telescope (great astronomy site)
- Cosmic Evolution: The Origins of Matter and Life
  Big History Facebook Club
- Bill Gates about ‘Big History’ course This is a YouTube broadcast, 22 April 2009. Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Charlie Rose (Public Broadcasting Service)
- Big History Video Tour

- What Is Our Place in the Cosmos?, David Deutsch, July 2005, TED Talks
- Earth in its Final Century?, Martin Rees, July 2005, TED Talks
- Earth History in the Broadest Possible Context. Walter Alvarez, April 29, 2010, 97th Annual Faculty Research Lectures, University of California at Berkeley.
- Four part lecture by Craig Benjamin on Big History
- Christian Matthiessen -- Language evolving: Notes towards a semiotic history of humanity on You Tube.
  Speaking Up: The Origins of Language, Lowell Gustafson
- David Christian on Big History
Scientific Journals
- New Scientist
- Scientific American
- Nature
- Science
- Science Daily
- ScienceNews

- World History Assiociation
- World History discussion group at H-Net
- World History Connected, online World History journal
- Fernand Braudel Center, center for the study of World-Systems Theory
- National Aeronautics and Space Administration
- European Space Agency
- Solar Influences Data Analysis Center at the Royal Observatory of Belgium
- Spaceweather

- Naturalis (in Dutch)
- The Particle Adventure, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, United States
- Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy,The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, United States
- Kennislink, Scientific news and background information (in Dutch)
- Oermens, Palaeo-anthropology, with excellent worldwide links and references (in Dutch)
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