"The purpose of the Corporation is to promote, support and sponsor the diffusion and improvement of the academic and scholarly knowledge of the scientific field of endeavor commonly known as "Big History" by means of teaching and research and to engage in activities related thereto."
Article 2 of the IBHA Articles of Incorporation:

One of the main purposes of the IBHA is to support the teaching of Big History. To this end, we will provide examples of syllabi now being used in the field. Barry Rodrigue and Daniel Stasko of the University of Southern Maine (United States) have compiled an exhaustive list of Big History syllabi.

Some of the literature in the field of Big History is here. The IBHA seeks to provide a wide range of views on big history, but cannot be held responsible for any of the views expressed in the literature mentioned.
Elementary Education

Maria Montessori hoped that an education based on this universal story could produce a new consciousness in children of our fundamental unity with our fellow humans, with all living things and with the universe itself.

An elementary school version of this integrated story of everything from the Big Bang to today has been promoted in Montessori elementary schools for most of the last century under the rubric of "Cosmic Education."  For a fuller explanation of Montessori's approach, see "Children of the Universe: Cosmic Education in Montessori Elementary Classrooms" by Michael and D'Neil Duffy (Parent Child Press, 2002).  Michael presented a paper on Big History at the American Montessori Society 2011 national conference in Chicago.

Jennifer Morgan, has written a trilogy of books for children on the creation of the universe (Born with a Bang), the emergence of life (From Lava to Life), and the evolution of humans (Mammals who Morph).

Also see And then there was you, by Erika Gronik, at Blurb Books and Lulu.com.

James Dunbar's BH comics are at http://jldunbar.com/JLDunbar.com/JLDunbar.html.

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