Human nature, worth, and civilization by Robert Dalling

The complete updated version of his Big History book, Human nature, worth, and civilization, and a day-by-day listing of the contents of the author's high school course in Big History. The book is detailed and contains the topics that every student should know about ourselves and about today's world of business, government, and religion. Followed by links to the video version of this book.


Relationships and Evolution in Three Versions by James Tierney

Two new reflections by our well known IBHA colleague.


Legacy by Sam Mackintosh

A moving reflection on science, big history and meaning for his grandchildren - and the rest of us.


Integrity: A Study of All Existence by Barry H. Rodrigue

Professor Rodrigue was invited to give a talk in the Knowledge Sharing Session organized by the Asset Management Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia when he visited Malaysia earlier this year. He is an International Coordinator for both the International Big History Association (IBHA) headquartered in the United States and the Asian Big History Association (ABHA) based in India.


Bulletin Integriti Siri 2 Tahun 2019
  Bulletin of the Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia
The 21st Century Singularity and Global Futures A Big History Perspective, Editors: Korotayev, Andrey, LePoire, David
       Offers a multidisciplinary understanding of historical trends, technological change, and evolutionary processes Studies the dynamics of accelerating change and evolution in the 'Big History' framework Presents global history as a holistic process, rather than a combination of separate evolutionary processes Explores the phenomenon of the long-term historical trend towards a near-term singularity.
     This book introduces a 'Big History' perspective to understand the acceleration of social, technological and economic trends towards a near-term singularity, marking a radical turning point in the evolution of our planet. It traces the emergence of accelerating innovation rates through global history and highlights major historical transformations throughout the evolution of life, humans, and civilization. The authors pursue an interdisciplinary approach, also drawing on concepts from physics and evolutionary biology, to offer potential models of the underlying mechanisms driving this acceleration, along with potential clues on how it might progress.
     The contributions gathered here are divided into five parts, the first of which studies historical mega-trends in relation to a variety of aspects including technology, population, energy, and information. The second part is dedicated to a variety of models that can help understand the potential mechanisms, and support extrapolation. In turn, the third part explores various potential future scenarios, along with the paths and decisions that are required. The fourth part presents philosophical perspectives on the potential deeper meaning and implications of the trend towards singularity, while the fifth and last part discusses the implications of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Given its scope, the book will appeal to scholars from various disciplines interested in historical trends, technological change and evolutionary processes.



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