future predictions from Big History

  • Friday, February 16, 2018 3:15 PM
    Message # 5740862

    I think Big History makes a good case that in the future lies greater and greater unity. To me, the Big History theme looks like this:

    subatomic particles unite into atoms

    atoms unite into stars and larger atoms

    larger atoms unite into planets and compounds

    compounds unite into chemical cycles

    chemical cycles unite into prokaryotic life

    different prokaryotes unite into a eukaryote

    single cells unite into multicellular organisms

    organisms unite into communities, ecoystems

    meanwhile, neurons unite into brains

    brains unite into cultures

    cultures unite into nations, economies

    people unite materials into technologies

    So if you continue that theme into the future, our different peoples, ecosystems, nations, economies, technologies unite into a single, integrated unity of higher complexity. Its E Pluribus Unum over and over again.

    Does anyone agree, disagree or have comments on this?